Difference in Medicare Assisted Living & Medicaid Assisted Living

The Veranda Assisted Living in Staten Island, New York

The Difference between Medicare Assisted Living and Medicaid Assisted Living

The Veranda Assisted living facility is the cornerstone of care. Offering Medicaid Assisted Living as part of the New York ALP Program with the most highly trained, caring nurses and aides on staff to help residents with activities of daily living. 

At Veranda, our Assisted Living program is designed to help that are currently enrolled or eligible for Medicaid but still want the private pay level of comfort and care. It provides residents with all of the amenities and care at The Veranda Assisted Living.

One of the top questions we hear at The Veranda Assisted Living is as a Medicaid Assisted Living facility – do we provide or offering Medicare Assisted Living?

New York Assisted Living

Medicare Assisted Living

Ultimately, there isn’t a Medicare Assisted Living as Medicare does not cover Assisted Living – but an individual that has medicare WILL OFTEN qualify for Medicaid. This allows someone to then be allowed to participate in the ALP Program and become a resident at The Veranda Assisted Living. If you are on a Medicare – The next step is to contact The Veranda. We will guide you through the process and help you both understand and complete the necessary documents.  If you have medicare we’ll work to help you get covered under medicaid and ensure you have little to no out of pocket expenses for the cost of living at The Veranda.

Medicaid Assisted Living

Medicare and Medicaid are not the same thing – they are different government programs. One key difference is related to assisted living – medicare does not cover the care in Assisted Living Facilities but medicaid does. Most of the time people with medicare will qualify for medicaid and the coverage needed for assisted living.

The Veranda is a medicaid assisted living facility and we do accept medicaid which in turn allows many of our residents to join our community with little to no cost out of pocket.

Medicaid Application Assistance

When it comes to the Medicaid Application – people often think they will not qualify for Medicaid due to income, pension(s), or assets. At the Veranda, we can refer you to professionals that can assist people with these concerns.   These professionals are often successful with getting people approved for Medicaid when they thought they wouldn’t qualify.     

Get Started

Ready to get started? The next step is to contact The Veranda Assisted Living. We will then help you and walk through the process to help you get covered under medicaid and ensure you have little to no expense out of pocket at The Veranda.

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